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solid wood cutting board

If you want a cutting board that will last for many years, you should consider a solid wood board and wood chopping board. There are several characteristics to consider, such as hardness, porosity, and sanitation. This article will discuss each of these so that you can select the ideal wooden cutting board.


When it comes to choosing a solid wood cutting board, it's important to know the hardness of the wood you are considering. This will help you avoid buying a board that will warp or chip prematurely. The Janka scale is a popular way to measure the hardness of a wood.

A wood with a high JANKA rating provides extra rigidity and weight. These types of woods are best for cutting boards. However, they may damage knives early on. Woods between 850 and 1600 on the Janka scale are ideal for a cutting board.

Hard Maple is the most popular choice for a cutting board. It's a light blonde color with small pores. Walnut is also a good choice for a cutting board, but is a little softer than Maple.

Hard Maple is durable and has a tight grain. It is not as porous as other hardwoods, which makes it resistant to bacteria. In addition, it is a great contrast to other darker woods.

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